1. Details of the Service Provider

Breeze Lake Zrt.
Address: 8600 Siófok, Erkel F. u. 2/c. Tax No.: 25292743-2-14
Company registration No.: 14-10-300326

2. General rules
2.1 These "General Terms and Conditions of Business" govern the use of accommodation and related services at Hotel Azúr**** and Hotel Azúr Premium***** operated by the Service Provider.
2.2 Special, individual terms and conditions do not form part of the published General Terms and Conditions of Business, but they do not preclude the conclusion of separate agreements with travel agents and organizers under different terms and conditions depending on the type of business.

3. Contracting parties

3.1  Services provided by the Service Provider are used by the Guest.

3.2  If an order for the services is given to the Service Provider directly by the Guest,

the Guest is the Contracting Party. If the conditions are met, the Service Provider and the Guest together become the contracting parties (hereinafter referred to as the Parties).
3.3 If an order for the services is given to the Service Provider by a third party (hereinafter referred to as Intermediary) on behalf of the Guest, the terms and conditions of cooperation shall be governed by the contract concluded by and between the Service Provider and the Intermediary. In this case, the Service Provider shall not be obliged to examine whether the Guest is legally represented by the third party.
3.4 In view of the health and safety risks of the activity, the Service Provider will only provide the services if the guest makes his name and address available to the Service Provider before using the service.

4. Conclusion of the Contract, method of booking, modification, obligation to notify
4.1 The Service Provider will send an offer in response to a request for a quote made orally or in writing by the Guest. If no concrete order is received within 24 hours after the sending of the offer, the Service Provider shall no longer be bound by the offer.

4.2 The Contract shall be concluded by the written confirmation of the booking made in writing or orally by the Guest, and shall therefore qualify as a Contract concluded in writing.
A booking, agreement or modification made orally, or their oral confirmation by the Service Provider shall not qualify as a contract.

4.3 The Contract for the use of the accommodation service shall be concluded for a definite term.

  • If the Guest leaves the room permanently before the expiry of the definite term, the Service Provider shall be entitled to the full price of the service specified in the Contract. The Service Provider shall be entitled to resell the room vacated before the expiry of the term.
  • Any extension of the term of the use of the accommodation service initiated by the Guest shall require the prior written consent of the Service Provider. In this case, the Service Provider shall be entitled to require the payment of the price of the service already provided.

4.4 Any amendment and/or addition to the Contract shall require a written agreement signed by the Parties.

5. Terms and conditions of cancellation
5.1 Unless otherwise specified in the offer of the Service Provider, the accommodation service may be cancelled without incurring a penalty until 14:00 hours local time on the 7th day prior to the date of arrival.

  • If the Contracting Party fails to secure the use of the accommodation service by providing an advance payment, a credit card guarantee, or in any other way specified in the Contract, the obligation of the Service Provider to provide the service shall terminate at 14:00 hours local time on the 7th day prior to the date of arrival.

  • If the Contracting Party secures the use of the accommodation service by providing an advance payment, a credit card guarantee, or in any other way specified in the Contract, and fails to arrive by 24:00 hours local time on the date of arrival, or fails to indicate in advance that he will arrive later, the Service Provider will enforce the amount specified in the Contract, but at least the accommodation price for one day as a penalty. In this case, the accommodation shall remain booked for the Contracting Party until 12.00 hours on the day following the date of arrival, after that the obligation of the Service Provider to provide the service shall terminate.

5.2 In the case of the booking of products subject to special conditions, group travel, or events, in the individual Contract the Service Provider may specify terms and conditions differing from the above.

6. Prices
6.1 The room prices (Rack Rate) of the hotel operated by the Service Provider are displayed at the reception desk of the hotel. The price lists for other services are available in the relevant departments (restaurant, medical, wellness) of the hotel.
6.2 The Service Provider is free to change the announced prices without prior notice.
6.3. When stating the prices, the Service Provider shall indicate the tax content (VAT, Tourist Tax) of the prices at the statutory rate applicable at the time of making the offer. The Service Provider will pass on to the Contracting Party any additional expenses incurred as a result of an amendment to the current tax laws (VAT, Tourist Tax), by giving prior notice.
6.4. Current discounts, special offers, other offers will be announced on the websites at and

7. Method of payment, guarantee
7.1 The Service Provider will demand the payment of the price of the services provided to the Contracting Party at check-in, but no later than before leaving the hotel after the use of the service, however, it may allow subsequent payment within the framework of an individual agreement.
7.2. As a guarantee for using the service under the Contract and for paying the price thereof, the Service Provider may:

  • request a credit card guarantee, in which case the price of the ordered and confirmed service is blocked on the credit card,

  • request an advance payment equivalent to part or whole of the payable amount.

7.3. The Contracting Party can pay the invoice in HUF and/or in EUR

  • the Contracting Party can pay the invoice in HUF. In addition to HUF, the Service Provider will also accept EUR for the payment of the invoice. In this case, the middle exchange rate of MNB valid on the date of paying the invoice shall be used for the conversion, or invoicing. In the case of cash payment in EUR, the Service Provider will give back any change in HUF.

  • the Service Provider will accept cashless means of payment (credit cards, Széchenyi Leisure (SZÉP) Cards, as well as on the basis of a separate agreement: gift vouchers, vouchers, etc.), the current list of which will be made available to the Contracting Party upon request. In the event of booking, it is recommended that the Contracting Party clarify the possibility of paying with the chosen cashless means of payment.

  • "For individuals the booking of a room can be guaranteed by giving the bank card details, by making an online advance payment on the online booking page of the hotel, or by making an advance payment by bank transfer. In the case of online advance payment, the price of the service can be paid in the following ways: Online bank card payment: OTP SimplePay, Accepted bank cards: Maestro, Mastercard, VISA, American Express, Online payment with SZÉP card: OTP SZÉP Card, K&H SZÉP Card"

7.4. The costs related to any of the methods of payment shall be debited to the Contracting Party, his SZÉP card/credit card.

8. Method and conditions of using the service
8.1 The Guest shall be entitled to occupy the hotel room (Check in) from 14:00 hours on the date of arrival, and shall be obliged to leave the room (Check out) by 10:00 hours on the last day of stay, unless the Service Provider allows earlier arrival (Early check in), or later leaving (Late check out) upon prior agreement. The charge for early check in and late check out is included in the current price list.

9. Pets
9.1 No pets are allowed at the hotel of the Service Provider.

10. Refusal to fulfil the contract, termination of the obligation to provide the service
10.1 The Service Provider shall be entitled to terminate the Contract for the use of the accommodation service with immediate effect, and consequently to refuse to provide the services, if:

  • the Guest uses the room made available to him or the facility for other than their intended purpose

  • the Guest behaves in a manner that is contrary to the safety, order of the accommodation, behaves reprehensibly, rudely with the employees, is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or shows threatening, offending, or otherwise unacceptable behaviour

  • the Guest suffers from an infectious disease

  • the Contracting Party fails to meet its advance payment obligation specified in the Contract by the set deadline.

10.2 If the Contract between the parties is not fulfilled because of a "force majeure" event, the contract shall terminate.

11. Accommodation guarantee
11.1 If the hotel of the Service Provider is unable to provide the services under the Contract through its own fault (e.g. overbooking, temporary operational problems, etc.), the Service Provider shall be obliged to arrange accommodation for the Guest without delay.
11.2 The Service Provider shall be obliged:

  • to provide/offer the services included in the Contract at the prices confirmed therein, for the period stipulated therein, or until the hindrance is eliminated, at another accommodation of the same or higher category. All additional costs of providing the alternative accommodation shall be borne by the Service Provider.

  • to provide a single opportunity to the Guest free of charge to make a phone call to give notice of the change of accommodation

  • to provide a shuttle service to the Guest free of charge to move to the offered alternative accommodation, and possibly to move back later on.

11.3. If the Service Provider fulfils this obligation in full, and the Guest has accepted the alternative accommodation offered to him, the Contracting Party shall not be entitled to make any subsequent claim for compensation.

12. Illness or death of the Guest
12.1 If the Guest becomes ill during the period of using the accommodation service, and is unable to act on his own behalf, the Service Provider will offer medical assistance.
12.2 In the event of the illness/death of the Guest, the Service Provider will make a claim for the compensation of costs to the relative or heir of the ill/deceased person, or the party paying the invoice; with respect to any medical and procedural costs, the price of the services used before his death, and any damage caused to the equipment or furniture in connection with the illness/death.

13. Rights of the Contracting Party
13.1 Under the Contract, the Guest shall be entitled to use for their intended purpose the ordered room and those facilities of the accommodation that are included in the standard service and are not subject to special conditions.
13.2. The Guest shall be entitled to make a complaint in connection with the performance of the services provided by the Service Provider during his stay at the accommodation. The Service Provider undertakes the obligation to handle the complaints submitted to it in writing in a documented manner (or recorded by it in minutes) during this period.
13.3. The right of the Guest to make a complaint shall terminate upon leaving the accommodation.

14. Obligations of the Contracting Party
14.1 The Contracting Party shall be obliged to pay the price of the services ordered in the Contract until the deadline and in the manner specified in the Contract.
14.2 The Guest shall ensure that any children under the age of 14 under his responsibility stay in the hotel of the Service Provider only under adult supervision, the parents shall bear full responsibility for any damage caused by a child.
14.3 The Guest shall not bring his own food or drink into the hotel.

15. Liability of the Contracting Party for compensation

The Guest shall be liable for all damage and disadvantages suffered by the Service Provider or any third party through the fault of the Guest, or his companion, or other persons under his responsibility. The guest shall be liable for paying for damage caused by it to the Service Provider. This liability shall exist even if the injured party has the right to claim compensation for the damage directly from the Service Provider.

16. Rights of the Service Provider

If the Guest fails to fulfil his obligation to pay for the services used, or ordered in the Contract but not used, and subject to a penalty, the Service Provider shall have a right of lien over the personal belongings of the guest taken to the hotel in order to secure its claims.

17. Obligations of the Service Provider

The Service Provider shall be obliged:

  • to provide the accommodation and other services ordered under the contract in compliance with the applicable regulations and service standards in force

  • to investigate the written complaint of the guest and to take the steps necessary for handling the problem, which shall also be recorded by it in writing.

18. Liability of the Service Provider for compensation
18.1. The Service Provider shall assume liability for all damage suffered by the Guest that occurred within its facilities through the fault of the Service Provider or its employees.

  • The liability of the Service Provider shall not cover damage caused by an unavoidable reason beyond the control of the employees and guests of the Service Provider, or caused by the Guest himself.

  • The Service Provider is entitled to designate areas in the hotel where the Guest is not allowed to enter. The Service Provider shall not be liable for any damage or injury suffered in such areas.

  • The use of the spa department of the hotel is at the own responsibility of the Guest, there is an increased risk of slipping in areas close to the water, and the hotel assumes no liability for any resulting accidents.

  • The Guest shall report to the hotel without delay any damage suffered by him, and shall provide the hotel with all information necessary for clarifying the circumstances of the incident, or for drawing up a police report / initiating police proceedings.

18.2.1. The Service Provider shall also assume liability for any damage suffered by the Guest staying at the hotel as a result of the loss, destruction or damage of his personal belongings, if the Guest has kept such personal belongings in a place designated by the Service Provider or usually dedicated to this purpose, or in the safe of his room, or has handed them over to an employee of the Service Provider who he had reason to believe was entitled to take over his personal belongings.
The Service Provider shall be liable for valuables, securities and cash only if they have been specifically taken over by it for safekeeping, or if the damage occurred for a reason for which the Service Provider is liable under the general rules. In this case, the burden of proof lies with the Guest.

18.2.2. The Service Provider shall not be liable for valuables left in a vehicle in the parking lot of the Service Provider, and the Service Provider shall investigate any damage caused to parked vehicles, and shall pay compensation for the damage if it has been caused by negligence attributable to it.

18.3. The amount of compensation shall be equal to fifty times the room price for one day under the Contract, unless the damage is less.
18.4. We shall not be liable for valuables left in any other area of the hotel.

19. Confidentiality

In fulfilling its obligation under the Contract, the Service Provider shall be obliged to act in compliance with the provisions of Act No. LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and the disclosure of information of public interest and the relevant data protection regulations, and, if the Service Provider is notified by the Contracting Party thereof, the relevant internal regulations of the Contracting Party.

20. Force Majeure

Any reason or circumstance (for example: war, fire, flood, extreme weather conditions, power outage, strike) which is beyond the control of the party (force majeure), shall exempt either party from the fulfilment of their obligations under the Contract as long as this cause or circumstance persists. The parties agree to use their best endeavours to reduce the possibility of the occurrence of such a cause or circumstance to the minimum, and to remedy the damage or delay caused by it as soon as possible.

21. Law applicable law to the legal relationship of the parties, competent court
The legal relationship between the Service Provider and the Contracting Party shall be governed by the provisions of the Hungarian Civil Code. The court having jurisdiction over the place where the service is provided shall be competent to settle any dispute arising from the service contract.

22. Website
22.1. Copyright
The layout of the websites, the diagrams, images and logos used, as well as the collection of individual contributions are protected by copyright. No part of this site, such as images and texts, may be reproduced or used in any other electronic or printed publication without the consent of the Service Provider.
22.2. Cookies
When you visit our website, a recurring cookie (a small text file) is generated and saved on the hard drive of your computer. A cookie allows us to recognize you when you visit our website, making it easier for you to browse the site and personalize your online experience.
22.3. Analytics
We use a Website Analytics tool that generates a set of data that tracks how our visitors use our website. When you visit our website, we create cookies in order to track what you are searching for on our website, and to collect information that is personally unidentifiable. This tool helps us improve your online experience and enhance the user-friendliness of our website. We never use it to collect personal information. Most browsers automatically accept such cookies, however, you can delete them or configure your browser to reject them automatically. Because each browser is different, select “Help” from the browser toolbar to see how you can set your cookie preferences. However, you may not be able to use certain features of our website if you choose not to accept cookies.
22.4. SSL security
To guarantee your security and to ensure the confidential processing of data, our Website uses SSL encryption software for online bookings. Your credit card number and any other information you enter when completing various questionnaires will be automatically encrypted and protected during transmission over the network.
22.5. Newsletter subscription
When subscribing to our newsletter, by providing his name and e-mail address voluntarily, the user consents to Breeze Lake Zrt. sending electronic letters to him. Breeze Lake Zrt. ensures to the user the option to unsubscribe at any time.
22.6. Remarketing code
We use remarketing codes on the website to track visits to certain specific pages so that we can provide targeted marketing messages to visitors to those pages in the future. Visitors can block cookies providing remarketing codes by setting up their browser accordingly.


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